Suhanna Select - RED BROWN

Suhanna Select
    Hair Dyeing Powder Powder RED BROWN
    Price 189.-

    Herbal Hair Coating Reddish brown formula Made from organic Henna herbs. Non-contamination-free 100%
Size 80 grams
    Suhanna Select organic herbs for those who want to turn off white hair. By herbs to coat all hair lines, especially white hair to a reddish brown. (Black hair color remains the same). It is also suitable for maintenance of strong hair. Solve hair problems by color. Prevent dandruff Protect your hair soft and slippery with more weight as well.
   - Henna organic powder
    Storage methods
    After activation Should be closed bags. Keep in a dry place Avoid sun exposure.
    How to use
   - Open a packet of herbal powder into a plastic container glass or tile prepared.
   - Add water to boil 240 cc by gradually rinsing the water. And stir well until it looks thick. Allow to cool for 5-10 minutes.
   - Wash your hair with shampoo. (Do not use the conditioner) lined hair (not dry and not wet until dripping)
   - Take the prepared cream. Put on the hair over the head. Spread the cream from the base to the tip of the hair, leave for 1 hour or use the steam for 30 minutes and then let it cool for another 30 minutes to make the color better.
  - Wash your hair with a shampoo and then use the normal conditioner.

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    Suhanna Select Hair Dyeing Powder Powder BROWN Price 189.- Herbal shampoo for brown hair is made from organic Henna herbs. And Indigo Organic Non-contamination-free 100%Size 80 ...