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คุณวสุ โอสถานนท์

Our rigged To assume the direction of Tippayarat Agriculture and Family Co., Ltd. Including the development of new systems and procedures. As well as activities Useful to our customers and families.

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คุณนันทภัค โอสถานนท์ 

Idea owner And the beginning of the biological herbal Sohanna. She is a problem. White hair allergic to white hair since adolescence. Try using herbs Henna almost all brands. Be a push Let us grow ourselves in the organic farming system until the sale. (Notice her hair color)  
    คุณรุ่งรัตน์ สุนทรสิทธิพงศ์ (นิด)

In addition to taking care of the husband and two lovely children then. She is also a force. In our formation Nowadays, you take little care of the whole business. Tippayarat Agriculture and Family Co., Ltd. Would you recommend a service or product review?

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    คุณณัชชา ลูกรักษ์ (เหมียว)

Mr. Mao holds a Master's degree in organic agriculture. Thammasat University Responsible for general manager duties. Family Company Limited Decide everything about the business. Of our family Supervise the marketing team. Customer service The company's contractors include partner partners. It is also an important force in the development of our organic farms.

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คุณนวลนภา จันทร์ประสพโชค  (หมวย)

Sales support staff Family Company Limited Take care of sales and provide product information to customers. Would you like to order products, transfer money, inquiries or interested as a distributor.

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คุณทนุพงศ์ ยมพูล (ไปร์)

The youngest of the family before. Working with us since graduating from grade 6 is currently studying. Undergraduate Management Pipe is responsible for the management of the production office and the development of new projects. In addition to the management of the pipe well, he also has the ability to design the garden.