Company Profile

Family Comes First Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005 to distribute herbal hair coloring products, Suhanna, which is derived from the fact that Mr. Wasu Osatanon, the company's director. There is a concept that wants to create a sustainable business plus a willingness. To produce good for your wife, you are Nantapak Osathanont, wife of Mr. Vasu Osatanont is allergic to white hair. And allergic to chemicals All hair dye products are dyed with HENNA INDIA. However, Henna India is hard to find. Must be mixed with several raw materials. Fermentation Hard hair But the heaviest problem is The smell of Henna, which stinks for several days, sometimes has allergic problems with blisters on the scalp. With love, his wife decided to plant Henna wife.

      Starting from ordering henna seeds from abroad.

It takes several years to grow and select 

the breed to get the best henna.

       When the breeders began to grow in the organic farming system

, no chemicals, no pesticides. And use bio fertilizers Henna trees take several months to grow.

 It can be stored and processed. And spent more than 3 years in experimenting and developing methods of planting and processing.

To be a herbal Henna powder quality as you want Nantapak is easy to use, convenient fermentation only 1 hour can turn off the white hair color hair. The hair is soft and weightless and does not have the problem of foul odor on the hair. When it comes to getting good quality products, it has started production for distribution.



In addition, Henna Farm, which is an organic herbal growing area, has been certified organic in accordance with IFOAM organic standards and in addition to Henna herbs. It is a trial crop of organic vegetables and fruits as well.